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Monday, August 6, 2007

The Great Khali Criticism

The Great Khali doesn't deserve to be a champion!
I can see all you jealous heads ranting about this all over the IWC and Youtube, well listen to this little ones, The Great Khali deserves to be the champion, so live with it. I mean like look at things from a realistic angle, that man can crush anyone to pieces, he actually looks like someone who should be a champion. So stop whining about it just because you're either jealous that your favorite superstar didn't win/isn't getting a title shot or because you are racist towards The Great Khali.

The Great Khali doesn't know any moves!

Yeah? What about this? and in case you didn't know already, The Great Khali can of course do a LOT of moves which are done by huge wrestlers like him, and he knows them as well just check out

Giant Silva V/S Giant Singh (The Great Khali)

August 2002

One of the old matches of The Great Khali in Japan where he wrestled as Giant Singh. The match was against another Giant of a man, Giant Silva. Khali performs some moves not known to be associated with him in the west. But the match is good enough.

and this

Chris Candido (RIP) V/S Giant Singh (The Great Khali)

Year 2002

The Great Khali's match in Japan as Giant Singh against Chris Candido (RIP). Demonstrates Khali's wrestling abilities in those times. This match was held in New Japan Pro Wrestling.

(Videos of The Great Khali in Japan) to know some of the moves The Great Khali is capable of doing but the WWE doesn't let him do them.

The Great Khali can't speak English

Yes he can, go check out the Longest Yard (film) to check him speaking English. Oh and hey, talk about Common sense, if he doesn't know English how is he living in the USA? How did he manage to act in 'The Longest Yard'? How do you think this dude talked to the WWE in the first place and reached a contract? How does he appear and talk on talk shows? How did he get trained to wrestle? How did he communicate with Jonathan Coachman?check out this also

Ron Simmons "DAMN" at The Great Khali

Date not known

The Great Khali wanted some competition and approached Jonathan Coachman for it since he new that Coachman was the man who arranged all the matches, Ron Simmons was visibly overwhelmed and said "DAMN".

The Great Khali can't wrestle!

What the hell? What does he do in the ring then? Check out hismatch with shawan michaels and then tell me that he can't wrestle. He has been into Pehlwani Wrestling (Indian Traditional Wrestling) since 1995 and has been with companies like All Pro Wrestling and New Japan Pro Wrestling prior to coming to WWE. Also, let me assure you that The Great Khali can perform a lot of moves and work awesome wrestling matches, which can be witnessed by looking at his videos.

Shawn Michaels V/S The Great Khali

7th May 2007

Shawn Michaels wants a match against The Great Khali for the No. 1 contender's spot for the WWE Championship, and challenges Khali for it, and gets the match, this is most probably one of the best matches of The Great Khali till now and Shawn Michaels gave him some real tough competition. Kudos for both of the guys!

The Great Khali has no Mic skills

Oh yeah right, so do you really think that someone the size of The Great Khali needs to do trash talking to break his opponent down or to make people/fans amazed/happy/sad? I have said this on many wrestling websites and will say it again, Monsters do not do the talking, they simply knock you out cold, and they then walk away like nothing has happened. The Great Khali knows English and could say some stuff on the mic if the WWE wanted him to, but this does not go with his in-ring-persona of the unstoppable monster.

The Great Khali can't cut a decent promo!

If you think that The Great Khali cannot cut a decent promo then you seriously have not checked out all of his promos OR you do not know the definition of a decent promo. If you look at his latest one in which he told John Cena to "come get some", that really defines a decent promo. So yeah.

The Great Khali is SLOW

The Great Khali is slow? Well what do you want a monster bodybuilder like him to do? Do you want him to jump off ropes doing Senton Bombs? Or do you want some Hurricanranas? Head Scissors or how about some Superkicks? But oh wait, who would he superkick? and who would be able to take his Hurricanranas? Sentons would crash the whole ring down of course.. and You know what... The Great Khali actually is an athelete and is well able to run around. Back in India he even used to take interest and perform in athletics before finally moving to bodybuilding, but yes I can assure you he can run around well enough. Its just that if the WWE makes him run around, it would not be appropiate! It would not go with his monster image and it would just make the whole arena LAUGH to see a guy huge as Khali running around.

The Great Khali cannot sell moves!

YEAH RIGHT... duh.. of course The Great Khali can sell moves and I must say he sells moves much better than Big Show, Kane and MANY other wrestlers including some legends (I won't say this about The Undertaker since he is in the gimmick that doesn't sell moves). Anyways if you saw the Wrestlemania match between Khali and Kane, you could see he sold the powerbomb well, he even sold the F-U's (including the one off the crane) to John Cena pretty nicely throughout their feud, he has sold a lot of moves to The Undertaker back in their last man standing match and The Great Khali also regularly sells moves to even smaller opponents, like he visibly stammers a bit when hit with full force by smaller wrestlers. (Unlike Umaga, Kane, Boogeyman etc. who laugh at Chair shots) Therefore The Great Khali is absolutely awesome at selling moves.

The Great Khali is DANGEROUS

The Great Khali is not dangerous, he is a very good guy to work with in real life and has been practicing wrestling since a fair amount of time. He made a great match against Shawn Michaels and threw him on the announce tables but that DID NOT hurt Shawn one bit, he performed the move with such perfection. Now I wont say this is a great thing, Wrestlers do this stuff all the time, but what I want to say here with this example is that The Great Khali is not dangerous at all. But YES he of course could be dangerous if he did full force moves (which people keep whining he never does) as mentioned above, for example if he did some sort of an aerial move, jumping off the top rope or something, that'd tear the wrestler being attacked in half, THAT would be dangerous of course, but The Great Khali does not do those moves so this is out of question.

The Great Khali has no charisma/The Great Khali will never get over with the fans

This is just wrong, The Great Khali has all the charisma needed to get over with the fans. Its just that his current gimmick does not allow him to get over with the fans in a positive way. HOWEVER, as far as getting "over" with the fans for the heel part is concerned, The Great Khali is quite over with the crowd whenever he steps into the ring. But for those of you who believe he has no charisma, well... lets say, The Great Khali's huge structure itself is enough to attract all the charisma he needs, plus he is a heel wrestler right now, so that kind of decreases the charisma factor. If he turns FACE however, The Great Khali will be VERY popular among the crowd. For example check this video! out

The Great Khali knocks out four people and Cena

Date not known

Absolutely hilarious stuff, The Great Khali knocks out Shelton Benjamin, Charlie Haas, Lance Cade and Viscera and then finally takes out John Cena as well, the crowd cheered him because they thought The Great Khali was with Cena, just goes on to show that The Great Khali could be a fan favorite if booked right.

. The crowd thought that The Great Khali was with John Cena so they cheered for him and did his signature taunt even. You could feel it in the video that Khali could be good as a face too. Plus, since he's acting a heel now, you could hear Public reaction to him always.


Anonymous said...

Mate, this is just your opinion. In my opinion, The Great Khali is point blank awful. Nothing he does looks real and its so tame and boring.

Nothing in these videos has persuaded me otherwise and it isn't because he has different colour skin, get over yourself. He is just awful.

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john cena cut out said...

I like Khali an indian wwe player
nice video i like it